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Choristers Guild Festival 2014

Welcome to the webpage for information on the

Seventh Annual
Children's Choir Festival
Southeastern New England Chapter
Choristers Guild


22 March 2014


Festival Events

Directors' Workshop - Rehearsal Techniques for Children & Youth

Friday, March 21, 2014 - 6:30pm
Clinician: Lee Gwozdz

7th Annual Southeastern New England Children's Choir Festival

Saturday, March 22, 2014 - All-day event
Clinician: Lee Gwozdz


Choristers Guild Festival Home Page

Clinician: Lee Gwozdz

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Southeastern New England Chapter

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Can I bring singers of ages other than listed?

Yes, with consultation on an individual basis. A singer in Grade Two as of Sept 2013 is the youngest person accepted.

I only have one choir with grades 1-6. May I register first graders as junior singers?

This is strongly discouraged since it is a very long day even for 3rd graders. Younger singers will not function well in the interest group sessions. Our experience shows that it is not fair to any of the children or our volunteer teachers to have younger children in the interest group sessions.

What is the difference between a director and a chaperone?

Normally there is only one director per choir. The director is the person who is in charge of the entire group and is required at the chapter meeting. Chaperones are the extra people needed to supervise the children.

What are the duties of chaperones?

Chaperones should be with their own church's children during varied activities of the day. Even very small choirs should bring at least one chaperone to ensure safety.

Will the host church provide any chaperones?

Yes. There will be CORI'ed parish volunteers to help ensure safety. They will work in teams of at least two people together at each location.

Do the children wear choir robes during the festival performance?

No, choir members do not wear choir robes during our chapter festivals. We will create specialized tee-shirts which choir members wear for the festival. These tee-shirts serve also as a special recognition of the choir member's special efforts to prepare for the festival.

What additional activities do the choir members participate in at the festival?

Our festivals include special interest sessions. Some previous sessions have been: handbells/choirchimes, greeting card making for distribution to the elderly, prayer writing, pipe organ tours/demos, and instrument "petting zoos."

Why does the day end so late?

Being a Catholic parish, Sacred Heart has a Saturday 4pm liturgy in the church. The children's choir festival will begin at 6pm, once Mass is over and the sanctuary is readied for the service.

What about food--do we need to bring our own?

No. All meals, snacks and liquids will be provided by Sacred Heart Parish. Menu details will follow soon. Those with food allergies should be prepared and bring any necessary specialized food items.

How should the children dress for the day and the worship service?

Children should wear comfortable clothing, such as shorts or slacks, and a Tee shirt or polo shirt (a shirt representing your choir or church is great). Tennis shoes with socks. Please emphasize "safe" shoes for climbing on choral risers.

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